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Business & Computer Technology

Business and Computer Center

What We Offer

Simi Institute offers over 30 self-paced courses in our state-of-the-art Business and Computer Training Center. Each of these individual courses culminates in a course completion certificate. Career Certificates are issued to students who have completed series of courses. We also offer instructor-led sessions and workshops each semester.

Design Your Own Program!

Classes are designed for beginning students or office professionals. Gain the skills needed to compete in today's job market!

  • Register in classroom

  • Program completion is based on 25+ hours/week

  • All new students view a brief orientation prior to enrollment

Note: Windows course or demonstrated skills are required for any of the career certificate programs. Workbooks and supplies may be required.

Program Flyer

Click image to view flyer.

Program Information

Career Certificate Course Fee: $360

Fee covers a 3-month period of time. Textbook purchase may be required.

Standalone Course Fee: $129

Fee covers a 3-month period of time for an individual course. Textbook purchase may be required.

10 Key and Typing Tests

Testing Fee: $10 (cash only) per test area; includes two certificates.

Test areas include typing / keyboarding and 10 key (weekly). Please call 805.5479.6200 ext. 1720 to register. 

Allow 45 minutes for testing.

One-Session Microsoft Office Workshops

Testing Fee: $35 each. Please call 805.5479.6200 ext. 1720 to register. 

Tests include:

  • Intro to Excel Formulas
  • Intro to Pivot Tables
  • Mail Merge

Lab Hours

The computer lab is closed June 7 - August 12, 2024.


Room 201

Phone: 805.579.6200 ext. 1720

Business & Computer FAQs

Can I take just one class?

  • Yes, as long as you meet any prerequisites or receive instructor approval.

How long is each class?

  • Each class has different requirements. You will have three months to complete the class, beginning on the day that you register.

What does "Self-Paced" mean?

  • Self-paced means that you complete the class at your own pace. If you need more time to understand a concept or chapter, you simply repeat it again. If you are already proficient in a concept, you can move through it quickly. See our full list of our self-paced courses here.

Does self-paced mean that I don't have an instructor?

  • No. There is always a teacher available to help, but it is an independent study classroom. The textbooks are set up with step-by-step instructions. If you have any questions, please ask for help.

What does "Open Entry" mean?

  • It means that the registration is ongoing. You may register and begin a class at anytime during the year. You do not have to wait for beginning of the semester.

What time does class start?

  • You set your own schedule and come to class whenever the classroom is open.