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High School Diploma

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Adult Students 18 Years and Older:

Our high school diploma program is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. We offer students a flexible schedule conducive to successful completion of their high school diploma. Students may apply credits earned from other accredited high schools or colleges. It is recommended that prospective students bring in their high school transcripts for our counselors to review in determining classes needed to complete their high school diploma. Students may enter the program at any time.  

Spring 2024

Dates: January 9 - June 4, 2024

Days: Monday - Thursday

Times: M/W/Th: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm; Tues: 9:00 am - 7:30 pm

Room: 404

Prerequisites: None


Program Information

Many of the credit courses on this page may also be taken for elective credit.

Also, some career classes offered at Simi Institute can be taken for elective or practical art credit. Please contact our counseling department for more information.

High School Diploma Program Courses

All classes are 5 credits unless indicated otherwise.


  • English Elective/Writing Skills Refresher*
  • English Elective/Language Arts*
  • English Elective/Introduction to Literature*
  • Literature/English 9A
  • Literature/English 9B
  • Literature/English 10A
  • Literature/English 10B
  • Literature/English 11A
  • Literature/English 11B
  • Literature/English 12A
  • Literature/English 12B

Fine Arts

  • Fine Arts/Exploring Visual Art
  • Fine Arts/The Art of Floriculture
  • Fine Arts/The History of Art
  • Fine Arts/Humanities

Health Science

  • Health


  • Math Elective/Math Proficiency Skills**
  • Math for Life/Life Skills Math
  • Consumer Math/Senior Consumer Math
  • Pre-Algebra A (5-10 credits)
  • Pre-Algebra B (5-10 credits)
  • Business Math
  • Math for Home Management/Personal Finance
  • Algebra/1A
  • Algebra/1B
  • Geometry/1A

Practical Arts

  • Computer Keyboarding***
  • Computer Applications***
  • Driver’s Ed (No concurrent enrollment)
  • Family Living
  • Parent Ed/Child Development
  • Parent Ed/Parenting


Biological Sciences

  • Biology 1A
  • Biology 1B

Physical Sciences 

  • Earth Science A
  • Earth Science B
  • Physical Science
  • Chemistry/ Basic Concepts
  • Chemistry of Foods I
  • Chemistry of Foods II

Social Studies

  • Economics
  • U. S. History I
  • U. S. History II
  • U. S. Government
  • World History I
  • World History II
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

Non-credit courses

  • Test Prep


* Elective only credit for credit recovery students.

** Not permitted for credit recovery math credit.

*** This class is held in the computer center.


Register today for the next available seat.


Counseling Office

Room 402

Registration Hours

Mon - Fri: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Counselor Hours

Counselors are available to review transcripts during the following hours:

Mon - Fri: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm


Yvonne Persico

805.579.6200 ext. 1616

Diploma FAQs

How much do high school diploma classes cost?

  • Classes are FREE!

How do I know which classes I need to take?

  • Please bring in your transcript(s) for a counselor to review.

How do I achieve a high school diploma?

There are three ways to earn a diploma at Simi Institute:

  1. Take all required classes to complete a diploma (classes needed are determined through a credit check by our counselors).
  2. Perform a combination of taking classes and passing all four of the subject-specific GED tests to complete a diploma. Passing the GED supersedes the need to take certain classes and meets diploma credits.
  3. Pass all four of the subject-specific GED tests and receive a high school equivalency diploma. The GED test is one of three nationally accredited high school certificates available. It is accepted by 98% of all colleges and universities, and by the majority of employers.

Where can I take the GED test?

  • You can take the exam on campus at our Pearson VUE Testing Center. For more information about how to register, please see our Testing Site page.